FIG. 2. — Carapace remains of Ptychogaster (Ptychogaster) sp. from Mokrá-Quarry localities: A-D, Pal. 1300 (nuchal and peripherals 1-3); A, B, dorsal; C, D, visceral; E-L, Pal. 1301 (nuchal); E, F, dorsal; G, H, visceral; I, J, left lateral; K, L, anterior; M, N, Pal. 1302 (neural 4); M, dorsal; N, visceral; O-Q, Pal. 1303 (neural 5); O-P, dorsal; Q, visceral; R, S, Pal. 1304 (neural 7); R, dorsal; S, visceral. T, U, Pal. 1305 (suprapygals 1-2); T, dorsal; U, visceral; V, W, Pal. 1307 (costal 1); V, dor-
Date made available26 Oct 2021

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