Additional file 4: of TLR2 and TLR9 modulate enteric nervous system inflammatory responses to lipopolysaccharide



Time-course activation of NF-kB and dose-dependence. Time-course activation after stimulation of ENS cultures with (A) 100 ng/mL Pam2CSK4, (B) 100 ng/mL LPS, (C) 1 μM ODN 1826 or (D) 1 μM control ODN 1826. (E) Quantification of the overall NF-kB activation after treatment with different doses of the indicated MAMPs. Densitometric measurements for each experiment were represented as time-course curves by means of the GraphPad Prism 5.0, and the area under the curve was calculated for each replicate. The resulting values were used to compare the NF-kB inducing strength of each TLR ligand (n = 4; *P 
Date made available18 Aug 2016

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