Fig. 36. Laboulbenia spp. A–B. L. leisti J.Siemaszko & Siemaszko. A. Mature thallus with lower area of appendages in detail (B) with labelled antheridia (an). – C–D. L. lichtensteinii F.Picard. C. Mature thallus. D. Upper part of an immature thallus showing the young appendage. – E–F. L. littoralis De Kesel & Haelew. E. Mature thallus. F. Antheridia (an) in detail. – G–I. L. luxurians Peyr. G–H. Mature thalli with labelled cells III, IV, insertion cell (ic), and the black spot on the upper dorsal side of cell I (arrow). I. Appendage from an immature thallus in detail. Scale bars: A–C, E, G–I = 50 µm; D, F = 25 µm. Photographs from slides ZMUC C-F-122760 (A–B), ZMUC C-F-122576 (C–D), ZMUC C-F-123730 (E–F), ZMUC C-F-123642 (G–H), ZMUC C-F-123515 (I).
Date made available26 Nov 2021

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