nal; E', F', internal, G'-J', Pal. 1341 (peripheral 8); G', H', external; I', J', internal; K'-N', Pal. 1343 (peripheral 9); K', L', external; M', N', internal; O'-R', Pal. 1345 (peripheral 10); O', P', external; Q', R', internal; S'-V', Pal. 1348 (peripheral 11); S', T', external; U', V', internal views; W', reconstruction of carapace Thick lines correspond to scute sulci, dotted lines denote plate sutures, and oblique lines indicate missing plate portions. Abbreviations: Ce, cervical; co, costal; Ma, marginal; ne, neural; nu, nuchal; per, peripheral; Pl, pleural; py, pygal; sp, suprapygal; Spr, supracaudal; Ve, vertebral. Scale bars: A-V', 1 cm; W', 2.5 cm.
Date made available26 Oct 2021

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