Table S2. Summary of GWAS signals associated with the 17q21.31 inversion. Potential inversion effects on phenotypes were estimated through linkage disequilibrium (LD) with GWAS variants reported in the GWAS Catalog database (P value < 10-8) (, release 2021-10-22, v1.0). Only GWAS signals in high LD (r2 ≥ 0.8) with the inversion in the European (EUR) or global population (GLB) were included in the analysis, depending on which population was used for the GWAS. Risk allele frequency (RAF) or minor allele frequency (MAF) of each variant according to the GWAS Catalog is indicated. Reported phenotypic traits have been grouped manually in different related categories and the PubMed ID (PMID) of the supporting study is shown.
Date made available2022

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