Fig. 65. A–B. Tavaresiella hebri T.Majewski. Two mature thalli with labelled I, II, III cells, elongated main cell of inner appendage branch (*), and darkened projection from cell I (arrows). – C–G. Amorphomyces ventricosus Santam. sp. nov. C. Lower area of perithecium in detail to focus on cells n and some of the wall cells (w n). D–F. Female mature thalli. G. Male thallus with labelled cells I, II and antheridium (an). Scale bars: A–B, D–F = 50 µm; C, G = 25 µm. Photographs from slides ZMUC C-F-124090 (A–B), ZMUC C-F-123457 (D–G) (holotype).
Date made available26 Nov 2021

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