Fig. 43. Laboulbenia spp. A–B. L. rougetii Mont. & C.P.Robin. A. Mature thallus. B. Two young thalli showing antheridia (an). – C –D. L. slackensis Cépède & F.Picard. In D, the black and constricted septum separating the basal cell of outer appendage from outermost branch is labelled (arrow). – E–F. L. sphaerii Santam. E. A pair of two immature thalli. F. Mature thallus from holotype. Both images with undivided cells III and IV being labelled. Scale bars: 50 µm. Photographs from slides ZMUC C-F-124117 (A–B), ZMUC C-F-124219 (C), ZMUC C-F-122634 (D), ZMUC C-F-124098 (E), BCB SS1047b (holotype) (F).
Date made available26 Nov 2021

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