FIG. 6. — Plastral remains of Testudo (Testudo) cf.kalksburgensis: A-D', from Mokrá-Quarry localities;A-F, Pal.1351A (left epiplastron);A, C, visceral;B, D, ventral;E, F, left lateral; G-I, Pal. 1354 (entoplatron); G, visceral; H, I, ventral; J-L, Pal. 1353 (entoplatron); J, visceral; K, L, ventral; M, N, Pal. 1352 (entoplatron); M, visceral; N, ventral; O-R, Pal. 1351B (hyoplastron);O, P, visceral;Q, R, ventral;S-V, Pal. 1355 (hyoplastron);S, T, visceral;U, V, ventral;W-Z, Pal.1356 (hypoplastron);W, X, visceral;Y, Z, ven- tral;A'-D', Pal. 1360 (xiphiplastron); A', B', visceral; C', D', ventral; E'-H', Pal. 1361 (xiphiplastron);E', F', visceral;G', H', ventral views; I', reconstruction of plastron. Thick lines correspond to scute sulci, dotted lines denote plate sutures, and oblique lines indicate missing plate portions. Abbreviations: Ab, abdominal; An, anal; ent, ento- plastron; epi, epiplastron; hyo, hyoplastron; hyp, hypoplastron; Fe, femoral; Gu, gular; Hu, humeral; Pe, pectoral; xi, xiphiplastron. Scale bars: A-H', 1 cm; I', 2.5 cm.
Date made available26 Oct 2021

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