Fig. 64. Tanmaurkiella pselaphi Santam. gen. et sp. nov. A–C. Mature thalli. D. Perithecial tip in detail, showing trichogyne scar (ts) out of focus. E. Perithecial tip in detail. F. Mature thallus showing labelled VI, VII, m, and n′ cells, foot (fo), and trichogyne scar (ts). G. Third cell of the axis is labelled with a black line. H –I. Perithecium in detail with different focus level above and below the stippled line to have in focus outer wall cells (w n). Scale bars: A–C = 25 µm; D–I = 20 µm. Photographs from slide ZMUC C-F-124165 (holotype).
Date made available26 Nov 2021

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