Fig. 52. A–B. Diphymyces niger (T.Majewski) I.I.Tav. Mature thalli. Some cells are labelled in B, as I, II, III and VI, as well as the stout, tooth-like prominence, on the perithecial tip (arrow). – C–G. Dipodomyces phloeocharidis T.Majewski. C. Mature thallus showing cells I, II, III, the primary septum (a), and the main axis of the primary appendage consisting of three superposed cells (*). D. Mature thallus. E. Reduced male thallus with apparently two functional antheridia. F–G. Immature thalli showing the original spore apex as a spinous process (sx) and trichogyne (tr). – H–I. DistolomYces forficulae (T.Majewski) I.I.Tav. Mature thalli. Scale bars: A–D, F–H = 50 µm; E, I = 25 µm. Photographs from slides ZMUC C-F-123826 (A), ZMUC C-F-124075 (B), ZMUC C-F-122514 (C–G), ZMUC C-F-124076 (H–I).
Date made available26 Nov 2021

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