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The use of voting methods dates back from ancient times, and many rules have been designed and used by different societies to take into account the opinions of their members. Yet, the systematic study of such methods followed a rather discontinued path. It reached one initial peak in the middle ages, lived a golden age during the Enlightenment, and was activated in the middle of the twentieth century thanks to the works of Black and very specially of Arrow, who set the grounds for a comprehensive view of the subject of social choice and provided new tools of analysis. Modern social choice theory is the result of this extended view. Its distinctive characteristic is the normative study of the values and procedures involved in collective decision-making, through the use of the axiomatic method. Kenneth Arrow, John Harsanyi, Amartya Sen, and Eric Maskin are Nobel laureates with leading contributions to social choice.
Idioma originalEnglish
Títol de la publicacióComplex Social and Behavioral Systems.
Subtítol de la publicacióGame Theory and Agent-Based Models
EditorsM. Sotomayor, D. Pérez-Castrillo, F. Castiglione
Lloc de publicacióNew York
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ISBN (electrònic)978-1-0716-0368-0
Estat de la publicacióPublicada - 21 d’ag. 2020

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NomEncyclopedia of Complexity and Systems Science Series.


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