"Representar lo que soy". Identidad y metateatro en "Las burlas de amor"

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Study of the little known Lope de Vega's early play Las burlas de amor (Madrid, Real Biblioteca, ms. II-460) on the basis of two main lines of interest: first, the subject of identity -its hiding, forging, revealing-, which in this play has a particularly poignant approach; secondly, and significatively related to identity, the metatheatrical nature of the play, apparent in the selection of some scenes and features, and in the ways by wich their theatricality is enhanced. This case-study opens a line of research on the presence of metatheatre in Lope's early play.
Títol traduït de la contribució"Representar Lo que Soy" : Identity and Metatheater in «Las Burlas de Amor»
Idioma originalSpanish
Pàgines (de-a)86-108
RevistaAnuario Lope de Vega. Texto, literatura, cultura
Estat de la publicacióPublicada - 2020


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