Representación de estructuras argumentativas mediante el análisis de redes sociales

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Reticular Analysis of Discourse (ARD) refers to a large range of techniques that intend to represent the discourse as a network of meanings. The idea is well simple: the words and/or propositions are nodes of a linguistic network that relates them, and that can be studied by Social Network Analysis (Lozares et al, 2003). This text focus on ARD from theory of argumentation within language (Anscombre and Ducrot, 1983), which introduces the relational notion of topos (plural, topoi). It is possible to represent the globally of all the topoi identifed in a discursive network that schematizes cognitive/ideological systems, a possibility already contemplated, by authors, although not developed. This text presents a methodological proposal in this direction, and samples the results from an empirical application at the study of the discourses about formation employment.
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Estat de la publicacióPublicada - 2006

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