MSLED, neutrino oscillations and the cosmological constant

Joaquim Matias, Clifford P. Burgess

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We explore the implications for neutrino masses and mixings within the minimal version of the supersymmetric large-extra-dimensions scenario (MSLED). This model was proposed in [10] to extract the phenomenological implications of the promising recent attempt (in [1]b) to address the cosmological constant problem. Remarkably, we find that the simplest couplings between brane and bulk fermions within this approach can lead to a phenomenologically-viable pattern of neutrino masses and mixings that is also consistent with the supernova bounds which are usually the bane of extra-dimensional neutrino models. Under certain circumstances the MSLED scenario can lead to a lepton mixing (PMNS) matrix close to the so-called bi-maximal or the tri-bimaximal forms (which are known to provide a good description of the neutrino oscillation data). We discuss the implications of MSLED models for neutrino phenomenology. © SISSA 2005.
Idioma originalEnglish
RevistaJournal of High Energy Physics
Estat de la publicacióPublicada - 1 de set. 2005


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