Macchine per spremere i cuori

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Science fiction story. After the climate catastrophe that hit the planet, the mayor of Barcelona, ​​partially submerged by the rising sea levels, decides to move the zoo inside Park Güell. The problem, however, is convincing non-human animals, those who have become aware of the cruelty of millennia of exploitation starting from the Speech from the Abyss, pronounced years ago by a large seabird as an indictment against the foundations of humanity's civilization . The mayor's fleet sets out on the waters, ready to move, but the negotiation with the animals is in the hands of a young scribe who is in her wake, hired only because she boasted of perfect knowledge of the language of the beasts... The mayor and her they will discover how much resentment still harbors living beings treated inhumanely, who suffering has finally emancipated from bloody exploitation. A jewel-tale that mixes picaresque comedy and dramatic tragedy, and forces us to look at our relationship with other living species with different eyes. Animal rights, morality, ethics, changes in mentality in a story by Maria-Antònia Martí Escayol
Idioma originalItalià
Lloc de publicacióMilà
Nombre de pàgines23
ISBN (electrònic)9788825425581
Estat de la publicacióPublicada - 2023

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