Learning to collaborate within transdisciplinarity: internal barriers and strengths of an art–science encounter

Sandrine Gallois, María Heras*, Carlo Sella, Mar Satorras, Ramon Ribera-Fumaz, Isabel Ruiz-Mallén

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Despite the recognized importance of transdisciplinarity, including art–science collaborations, for tackling the complex challenges of the Anthropocene, little is known about the internal mechanisms of such alliances. At its best, transdisciplinarity should involve social learning with transformative potential. However, we still need evidence on how this can be achieved, specifically regarding developing interpersonal interactions and group dynamics. Our study explored the social learning processes and outcomes of an art–science encounter, aiming to highlight such a collaboration’s internal barriers and enhancers. It took place within a science communication project for the European Performing Science Night 2021, which involved creating an immersive artistic installation through the collaboration of 28 artists and scientists. We analyzed the social learning processes and outcomes based on participants’ profiles, individual participation, group dynamics, and the workshop context using structured interviews and participatory observation during this two-week co-creation workshop. Our insights showed that inter-relational skills were among the most important outcomes, and social learning processes varied based on group dynamics. Moreover, we identified the presence of a delicate balance between driving egalitarian and self-regulated dynamics within inclusive, collaborative processes and the need to foster non-hierarchical structures and dismantle power dynamics between artists and scientists. We discuss these findings in light of three key elements: destabilization, immersion, and materialization, which can help overcome internal barriers and leverage strengths for facilitating transdisciplinary approaches that contribute to sustainability transformations.

Idioma originalEnglish
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RevistaSustainability Science
Estat de la publicacióPublicada - 23 d’abr. 2024


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