Las perspectivas transnacionales para el análisis de la protección social en contextos migratorios

Sònia Parella Rubio, Thales Speroni

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We live in an age marked by a central paradox: social life is increasingly transnational, while the primary access to resources regarding social protection continue, to a large extent, to be linked to the modern nation-state. In response to this, transnational families use international mobility to expand the possibilities of accessing social protection through resources provided by welfare states, or that which is generated through the circulation of care and remittances transfers. In this article, we present the Transnational Social Protection research agenda, emphasizing its ties to research on transnational care and family, as well as how it dialogues with studies on welfare regimes, development and global social policy.
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Estat de la publicacióPublicada - 2018

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