La Inquisició a debat

Ricardo Garcia Carcel, Francisco Tomás y Valiente, H. Kamen, Jean-Pierre Dedieu, Jaime Contreras Contreras

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In this transcription, Contreras, Dedieu, Kamen, Tomás y Valiente and García Cárcel debate the Inquisition focusing on four main questions: the Inquisition as a result of un artificially imposed to the society superstructure or, on the contrary, as an emanation of that society; the inquisitorial repression as merely theoretical or really effective; the supposed exceptionality, in an European context, of Spanish Inquisition and the real nature, religious or political, of the Inquisition.
Idioma originalCatalan
Pàgines (de-a)031-55
Nombre de pàgines25
RevistaManuscrits. Revista d'Història Moderna. ISSN 0213-2397
Estat de la publicacióPublicada - 1995

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