Diverse Structures and Dimensionalities in Zn(II), Cd(II), and Hg(II) Metal Complexes with Piperonylic Acid

Daniel Ejarque Granados, Francisco Sanchez Ferez, Jose Antonio Ayllon Esteve, Teresa Calvet, Merce Font-Bardia, Josefina Pons Picart*

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Reaction of M(MeCO 2) 2 (M = Zn(II), Cd(II), and Hg(II)) with 1,3-benzodioxole-5-carboxylic acid (HPip) in methanol (MeOH) yields four piperonylate compounds, one of Zn(II) ([Zn(Pip) 2(H 2O) 2] (1c)), two of Cd(II) ([Cd(μ-Pip) 2(H 2O)] n (2) and [Cd 3(μ-Pip) 6(MeOH) 2] n (3)), and one of Hg(II) ([Hg(μ-Pip) 2] n (4)). The obtention of compounds 1c and 4 was independent of the M/L ratio. These four compounds were characterized by analytical and spectroscopic techniques. In addition, the thermal stability of 1c, 2, and 4 has been studied, and the structure of all the complexes has been determined by the single crystal X-ray diffraction method. The Zn(II) compound displayed a monomeric structure, while Cd(II) and Hg(II) complexes exhibited three polymeric arrays. The Zn(II) (1c) and Hg(II) (4) centers are four- and eight-coordinated in a tetrahedral or square-antiprism geometry, respectively. Furthermore, the Cd(II) ions are either six- (2) or six- and seven- (3) coordinated in a octahedral or both octahedral and pentagonal bipyramid geometries, respectively. In these compounds, the Pip ligand presents different coordination modes: μ 11 (1c); μ 211 and μ 221 (2); μ 211, μ 221 and μ 3211 (3); μ 12 and μ 221 (4). The extended structures were also analyzed. Their photoluminescence properties have been examined, and the quantum yields have been calculated.

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