Chronic Effect of a Cafeteria Diet and Intensity of Resistance Training on the Circulating Lysophospholipidome in Young Rats

Rosa M. Escorihuela, Susana Suárez-García, Antoni Caimari, Josep Maria del Bas, Jaume Lalanza, Manuel Suárez Recio, Cristina Torres-Fuentes, Lluís Arola

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The daily practice of physical exercise and a balanced diet are recommended to prevent metabolic syndrome (MetS). As MetS is a multifactorial disorder associated with the development of serious diseases, the advancement of comprehensive biomarkers could aid in an accurate diagnosis. In this regard, it is known that gut microbiota is altered in MetS, and especially, lipid metabolites species are highly modified, thus emerging as potential biomarkers. In preliminary studies, we observed that alterations in serum lysoglycerophospholipids (Lyso-PLs) were shared between animals with diet-induced MetS and those performing resistance exercises assiduously. Therefore, our objective was the targeted determination of the lysophospholipidome in young rats fed a standard (ST) or a cafeteria diet (CAF) and submitted to different training intensities to evaluate its potential as a biomarker of a detrimental lifestyle. Targeted metabolomics focused on lysophosphatidylcholines (Lyso-PCs) and lysophosphatidylethanolamines (Lyso-PEs) and multivariate statistics were used to achieve an integral understanding. Chronic intake of CAF altered the serological levels of both lipid subclasses. Twenty-two Lyso-PLs were significantly altered by CAF, from which we selected Lyso-PCs (14:0), (17:1) and (20:2) and Lyso-PEs (18:2) and (18:3) as they were enough to achieve an optimal prediction. The main effect of physical training was decreased Lyso-PEs levels with disparities among training intensities for each diet. We concluded that an examination of the lysophospholipidome reveals the general state of the metabolome in young female rats, especially due to intake of an MetS-inducing diet, thus highlighting the importance of this family of compounds in lipid disorders.
Idioma originalEnglish
Estat de la publicacióPublicada - 2021


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