Strategic approach for the implementation of policies aiming to prevent the environmental problems caused by toxic metal cations in industrial wastewater - TOXMET

  • Brianso Penalva, Jose Luis (Investigador/a principal)
  • Danil De Namor, Angela F. (Investigador/a)
  • Lopez Salgueiro, Alfonso (Investigador/a)
  • OUAZZANI, Naaila (Investigador/a)
  • OULABI, Mawya (Investigador/a)

Detalls del projecte


The control of industrial wastewater at source (prevention rather than cure) is a priority issue in the design of comprehensive water policies. This proposal aims to provide the tools for policy decisions geared to prevent the environmental and health problems caused by the discharge of toxic metal ions contained in industrial wastewater. For the formulation and adoption of such preventing policies the following tasks will be under taken: i) An up to date account on the levels of toxic metal ions in industrial wastewater of the Marrakech region (CASE STUDY); ii)A socio-economic study of benefits associated with the implementation of preventing policies based on new technologies using easily modified natural resources for the treatment of industrial wastewater. The results are expected to enhance interaction between policy makers, industry and academics in this area for the implementation and dissemination (workshops) of preventive policies in the Mediterranean region.
Data efectiva d'inici i finalització1/01/0131/12/03

Socis col·laboradors

  • University of Surrey (guia)
  • Gentiana, S.L.
  • Université Cadi Ayyad (UCA)
  • Universitat Libanesa


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