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Today in Europe, children and young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds continue to struggle with inequality and conflicts in school. To address this issue, it is important to empower migrant and refugee children to find ways to cope and persevere. Also, effective strategies are needed to ensure integration. The EU-funded NEW ABC project proposes a transformative and collaborative approach that can facilitate strategic change. The project combines voices of stakeholders and the development of young person-led, innovative activities in a co-creation setting. It includes nine innovation pilot actions in nine EU Member States. The overall goal is to ensure the adaptability, scalability and long-term sustainability of actions’ results.
AcrònimNEW ABC
Data efectiva d'inici i finalització1/01/2131/08/24

Socis col·laboradors

  • Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna (UniBo) (Soci projecte) (guia)
  • The Open University (Soci projecte)
  • Università degli Studi di Torino (Soci projecte)
  • Jyväskylän Yliopisto (Universitat de Jyväskylä) (Soci projecte)
  • SYNTHESIS Center for research and education limited (Soci projecte)
  • Stowarzyszenie Interkulturalni PL (Soci projecte)
  • Istituto Comprensivo n.1 Tecla Baldoni Forli (Soci projecte)
  • Combo (Soci projecte)
  • Universidade do Porto (U.Porto) (Soci projecte)
  • Oxford Brookes University (Soci projecte)
  • Active Citizens Europe (ACE) (Soci projecte)
  • Elhuyar Fundazioa (País Basc) (Soci projecte)
  • União de Refugiados em Portugal - UREP (Soci projecte)


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