emPOWERing the informal

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“emPOWERing the informal” aims to focus on 3 main directions: (1) offering support to youth workers in managing and empowering informal groups of young people to be actively involved in their community, (2) building instruments to support youth workers foster learning activities for young people, therefore building skills, competences, attitudes needed when entering the labour market, (3) encouraging a more formal recognition of informal groups through mapping active informal groups in the youth field and building bridges between 6 partner countries in order to exchange sustainable best
practices, methods of engagement and empowerment of young people that have an impact on youngsters, organizations and the community.
“emPOWERing the informal” project is in direct line with the European priorities and aims to bring positive and long-lasting effects on the partner’s organizations, on the policy
systems that set the framework for creating and managing informal youth groups and nonetheless on individual people that are impacted by the activities and outputs of the project. “emPOWERing the informal” brings an answer to the isufficient support offered to youth workers and formal recognition of informal groups through the adaptation of one tool that complements existing methodologies, the Youth Work Portfolio, developed by the Council of Europe. The projecs aims to strengthen the link between the public and
the associative fields, by placing the informal groups as a central actor in the proces of building sustainable communities, developing skills and attitudes to young people involved in decision making processes and inspiring pasive ones to make their voice heard.
Last but not least “emPOWERing the informal” aims to increase the quality of the
processes of management of youth organizations in the 6 partner countries, through adaptation, extension and dissemination of a good practices manual that focuses on standards for quality in the management of the informal youth groups.
The objectives of the project are :
1. To increase the capacity and professionalism of youth workers in managing
informal groups by understanding, adapting and implementing of existing EU tools for assessment and development of youth work competence and management competences. (IO1, IO2, IO4 and IO5 come in support of reaching this objective)
2. To promote to the public and private sector the missions of informal groups in the youth field and their skills and knowledge acquired by the young people in
informal and nonformal contexts, and to favour their implication in the support of youth towards their first and/or stable employment. (IO3 and IO4 come in
support of reaching this objective)
3. To strengthen the capacities of the youth workers working with informal groups by the provision tools that help the organisations to develop a professional and personal orientation of youngsters and informal groups in the youth field. (IO1 and IO5 come in support of reaching this objective)
4. To create working synergies in the proces of promoting a more active participation in society based on collaboration, accepting and encouraging diversity and equal opportunities of young people, promoting active citizenship and a nondiscriminatory behaviour. (IO3 and IO4 come in support of reaching this objective).
Data efectiva d'inici i finalització1/04/1931/03/22

Socis col·laboradors

  • Obshtina Stara Zagora (Govern de...)
  • Green European Foundation
  • Makers for change
  • Timis County Youth Foundation
  • Associació per a la promoció de la capital europea de joventut


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