Complex solid state reactions for energy efficient hydrogen storage (COSY)

Detalls del projecte


Reactive Hydride Composites reveal great potential as hydrogen storage materials as they overcome the thermodynamic limitations hindering the use of light-weight complex hydrides. However, their sorption kinetics is still slow due to the fact that the hydrogen sorption process takes place within complex solid state reactions. It is aim of this project to explore the fundamental mechanisms involved in these reactions. For this, experimental studies on sorption kinetics, thermodynamics, crystal structure and electronic properties of the nanostructured materials are crosslinked to ab-initio calculations and theoretical modelling. The results will provide a basis to improve material properties and to develop new catalysts for hydrogen sorption. Finally, the optimization of synthesis methods and in particular the upscaling of hydrogen storage materials preparation will be explored in collaboration with manufacturers.
Data efectiva d'inici i finalització1/11/0631/10/10

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