Psychological Research in Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain (AGORA)

Perfil d’organització

Perfil de l'organització

The AGORA Group, coordinated by Dr. Juan V. Luciano, was recognized and funded as an Emerging Group (2017 SGR 667) by the AGAUR (Agency for Management of University and Research Grants) and it forms part of the Innovation Networt "New technologies in mental health (TECSAM; 2018 XARDI 00010)" and of the Research and Transference Centre on Mental Health (CRETSAM; IU16-016625) both funded by AGAUR. 
The group is interested in chronic pain, more specifically, in what pharmacological and nonpharmacological treatments work, for  whom, why, and under what circumstances. The group has experience in research and teaching of clinical and health psychology, psychometrics, behavioral medicine, and specifically in the economic evaluation of treatments and services designed to help people with chronic pain. Our multidisciplinary group conducts patientcentered research with high transference to real world clinical practice.

Direcció a càrrec:

Juan Vicente Luciano

Línies de recerca

  • Línies de recerca:
  • Analysis of the effectiveness and cost-utility of non-pharmacological and pharmacological treatments for patients with chronic pain
  • Psychometric analysis of patient-reported outcomes (PROMs)
  • Structural and functional analysis of brain areas that can predict response to treatments, as well as brain areas that are susceptible to change through therapy
  • Analysis of the role of psychoneuroimmunological and endocrine variables in the prediction and mediation of treatment results
  • Study of the impact on physical and mental health of therapies-activities carried out in nature in healthy people and in people with mental health problems or with chronic pain

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